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The Qi Gong practiced and taught within Path of Dao is very functional. The exercises are not done for the sake of exercising, but aim for a defined goal. This goal is twofold:

On one hand, strength and structure are built – this is the connection to the body and to martial arts. On the other hand, the nervous system will be relaxed and cleaned – stillness appears. This is the connection to spirit and meditation.
Still Power – powerful stillness.

The way that leads there is Nei Gong, inner work.

Ron Timm

Living and following the traditional Daoist methods enrich my life in every sense.

These practices - dating back thousands of years - offer me a holistic approach and perspective to modern life and living with all its difficulties, questions and shortcomings. More so they give me concrete means and instructions for day to day living and all the challenges it holds. Again and again I’m amazed by the simplicity but effectiveness of the practice, its depth and wisdom.

I’m very grateful for all the masters and teachers that made an effort to help me with their knowledge and skill. It is because of them that I’m enthusiastic to share my knowledge and way.

Born in Germany, 1970

Since 1990
Training of Martial Arts: (Shaolin)Kung Fu and Taijiquan, first contact with Qi Gong und Meditation, Berlin.

Training and Diploma at the international Shiatsu School Kientalerhof Switzerland, with Saul Goodman

Study of the Healing Dao System by Mantak Chia

Teacher Training Healing Dao System, Qi Gong, Taijiquan und Meditation, with Robert Stooss, Sen.Healing Dao Instructor, Tao Zentrum Mannheim

Practice of Zazen and Daoist Meditation

Studies of Makrobiotics with Steven Acuff, Sweden und Francoise Rivière, René Levi, France

Since 1999
Training of Qi Gong and Inner Martial Arts as student of Master Peng Wu Chi, Taiwan

From 2000
Studies of Seiki Soho as student of Akinobu Kishi until his passing in 2012

Since 2007
Student of Bruce Frantzis, USA. Energy Arts - Daoist Qi Gong of the waterway. Certified Energy Arts Instructor

1999 – 2017
Residential Teacher at Kientalerhof, Switzerland

Foundation of Path of Dao

Renata Schoch
Management and Assistant Teacher

Qi Gong, the work with Qi, has silently but continuously taken and filled more and more space in my life.

The Methods in the way they are taught within the system of Path of Dao, are simple to learn and effectful from the first day. Through the practice of Qi, I gain access to my physical body, and to my emotional and mental body as well, which is very empowering and crucial to me. In our times, the feeling of being separate from the inside is widespread and causes so much suffering in modern men.

Becoming whole, be it on a physical or finally spiritual level: The way we walk within Path of Dao is a full and complete life path.

Tomek Eichelberger
- Teacher in Poland

Practice takes me back to the source. Step by step, tissue by tissue, belief by belief. It is like mother and father perfectly connected. Completely functional. It took me out from serious disorder to normal, alive life. 

As a teenager I once became complete - really happy, it happened through continuous investigation in the life processes - spontaneously. Later on, after hard times, I needed methods, teachings and a teacher to get back on the path. I met Ron Timm.

Grateful to all my teachers and always amazed how the methods work, I want to share it with you.

After meeting Ron, I started to practice Qi Gong

Started Shiatsu training and practice

2007 – 2010
Practice of Feldenkrais Method with Jacek Paszkowski

2010 – 2016
Practice and exploration of scientific evidences for Mindfulness

Finished studies on Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw

Qi Gong became everyday training. Since then I have practiced with some great teachers of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (for example: Mariusz Sroczyński, Zhou Xuan Yun, Marek Baliński) always coming back to Ron.

Started cooperation in the project of Akademia W Gruncie Ruchu and W Gruncie Ruchu

Started one on one training with Ron and took over organizing Path of Dao events in Poland

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