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Become a Path of Dao master practicioner


Become a Path of Dao master practicioner

Become a Path of Dao Master Practicioner

“Often I have been asked to offer a Teachers Training. Handling this request has been very difficult for me for a long time. In my perspective, producing or fabricating teachers is impossible to do.

Like everything in Daoism, growing into a teacher is a natural process and it should be. So, there is not too much that me and you can do.

But what I can and will do within our new “becoming program”, is to make you a good practitioner. This has in fact always been my first and foremost intention within all my teaching.

Practice is the way to progress, to deepen understanding and skill. Our way is a practical way. The way of practice. Practice means or equals experience. If your practice becomes profound, you will be(come) very experienced. When you’re very experienced, you have answers. Even if you don’t aspire to be a teacher, you will have the skills to teach, to guide and help others, as you have answers to their questions.

This program aims to make your practice profound – to make you a super-practitioner.

With this program I want to come closer to the ones that aspire. I want to be in a regular exchange, staying in connection with you to oversee your practice, growth and progress.“

Let's "become"!

This program is for you, if

  • you are already teaching Path of Dao methods and techniques
  • you wish to become a legitimate Path of Dao instructor in the nearer or further future

but mostly if

  • you want to deepen your understanding and skill
  • you search for more efficiency in your practice
  • you wish to assure progression, transformation and change
A close, regular, personal connection to your teacher is indispensable in this process. The “BECOMING” PROGRAM is designed to provide this.

Your options:

You want to become a good practitioner

The program offers you to join our:

  • Online gatherings

20 meetings (1,5 hours), which means approximately one meeting every 2 weeks.
This will be an interactive space where we meet to answer your questions and clarify whatever difficulties you meet on the way – be it with your students or in your personal practice.
Remark: For (future) instructors, these gatherings are compulsory.

  • 2023: 
24.01 13.02 27.02
14.03 27.03 3.04
17.04 2.05 22.05
5.06 19.06 4.07
14.08 28.08 12.09
25.09 24.10 7.11
20.11 4.12
Time: always 19:00-20:30
Price: CHF/EUR 900 (+7,7% VAT)

Please note that all Online-gatherings will be recorded.

  • Individual trainings

Can be booked separately.

Individual supervision and personal training with Ron (be it live if ever possible, or online) are a good possibility to get your most personal feedback and support.
– Fee: CHF/EUR 120/h (more that 1 hour: CHF/EUR 100/h)
– Dates: on demand

You want to become a Path of Dao instructor

  • Prerequisite

We ask you to hand in a formless application describing why you want to become a Path of Dao instructor. Write and deliver this declaration as you decide to go the path of an instructor. This decision and application can happen anytime, meaning you have the possibility to join the instructor program also during the current year.

The Online gatherings are compulsory for you (see above).

  • Individual training

Individual supervision and personal training with Ron (be it live if ever possible, or online) are a good possibility to get your most personal feedback and support.
min. 4 sessions/year required
– Fee: CHF/EUR 120/h (more that 1 hour: CHF/EUR 100/h)
– Dates: on demand

In addition, we encourage you to participate as much as possible in:

  • Camps, workshops, regular classes:

Your participation in different kinds of settings is important, as during these events, the deepest learning and progress happens. Participation and assistance in camps, workshops or/and regular classes are your chance to observe, experience and learn how to teach, how to guide and structure learning processes. You will be closely guided and supervised, as you get the possibility to demonstrate and instruct exercises, lead groups and support Ron teaching. You will be recognized by participants as a (future) Path of Dao instructor.

Fee: plus 10% on the regular price

– 1-2 retreats per year required
– 2-3 Weekend-Workshops/year and/or participation in cycles of regular classes according to your possibilities

  • Legitimation for instructors

There is no predefined time frame and road for becoming an instructor. The very individual process, depending on your abilities, engagement and growing will be closely accompanied by Ron. He alone will legitimate your teaching activity.

Please note:

  • The program will be held in English
  • The program is structured as an annual package. Ideally you enroll at the beginning of the year. You always have the possibility though, to join the program (as a practitioner or instructor) during the year. You will pay the price for the annual package “online gatherings” and will get access to all recordings.
  • Becoming instructors: For retreats and workshops, you decide if you enroll as a member of the program (highly recommended!) or as a regular student. We also reserve the right to choose amongst enrolled “becoming”-students to create the team needed for every specific event.