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“Regularity is the key to the arts we teach. It is the basis for true development.”

We know that not all of you have access to a local qualified group or teacher. It is then difficult to start Qigong practice on your own or practice regularly and meaningfully. Many of you attend our workshops and camps and want to stay in touch with Ron and his teaching to continue your progress.

Those were just a few very important reasons to create an opportunity to practice online with us.

By joining the series of Morning Exercises you will gain:

  • regularity in your practice
  • learn and develop under the guidance of an experienced teacher
  • continuation of your progress
  • a good start in the day and of your Qigong journey
  • unlimited access to the classes in an online format

Keep in mind that online classes are only a nourishing supplementation. Nothing can replace an offline practice with a teacher and the energy of a group.

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The online Morning Exercises consist of 4 modules, which will be regularly published on our website. Each module contains 6 meetings (45-50 min. each).

  • Price per module: €45

Once your payment is credited, you will receive a link with access to all recordings (6 episodes). 

We recommend that you prepare a schedule for yourself and practice as if you were attending a regular class, for example. 2 times a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

This way you will experience a regular rhythm and benefits of the practice.

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  • can be downloaded
  • last 45-50 min. each
  • are conducted in English by Ron Timm
  • are open to everyone (from beginners to advanced)
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Content Module I:

  • Swan neck
  • Turtle neck
  • Kidney breathing
  • Waking Qi (standing position)
  • Spine breathing
  • Foot cradle
  • Waking the spine ( a: Fang Song Gong/ b: Guiding Qi/ c: Nurturing Qi)
  • Plucking Qi (down/up/lateral)
  • Holding the belly (standing position)
  • Kidney rub

* After purchase and payment, there is no refund.

* You will receive access to the recordings after your payment is credited, and/or you send us a payment confirmation.

If you have any questions: info@path-of-dao-qigong.ch

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Becoming Program

When you purchase online exercises, we also encourage you to check out our second edition of the Becoming Program. This is an interactive space where we meet to answer your questions and unravel any difficulties we encounter on our path as well as get support or share our experience with others.