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Regular classes under the direction of Ron Timm take place in Switzerland and are in German. If required, a translation into English can be provided. Switch to German version for more information.

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Regular classes led by Tomek Eichelberger are held in Warsaw, in Polish language. Translation into English can be provided if required. Tomek teaches water way Qi Gong and some more advanced practices based on this. Classes are led on two levels:

1) Beginner Qi gong group where the focus is on spontaneous qi gong, standing and sitting alignments, fang song gong, rolling up the spine, walking qi gong, opening the gate of life, small vegetables, natural breathing, qua bend, qua squat, C curve, feet cradle and waking the spine, basics of meditation.

2) Semi – Advanced group where the focus is on usage and endless improvement of tools from beginner level and from there we go for: Meditation, Haven-Man-Earth form, basics of Ba Gua circle walking, Six Dragons Exercises (Qi Gong of Ba Gua), Buddha Hands, basics of Ba Gua Fan. Usually there are different groups covering these topics.

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