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POLAND27.07.2024 – 2.08.2024

The dragon is a symbol of transformation and change. Dragons can change shape, size, personality, and domicile. The dragon’s body concentrates energy in its sinuous curves, and coils and uncoils to move along more quickly.

The dragon symbolizes unfathomable dynamism and all the potential of its form that combines the features of many animals. It has the head of a lion, the mane of a horse, the horns of a deer, the body of a serpent, it is covered with the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle. The dragon can lurk in watery depths, then streak aloft to the highest heavens, and its very gait is a continuous undulation. It can constantly evolve with no fixed form, it can never be immobilized or penned in, never grasped.

During this workshop we will work with and on the „Six Dragons Exercise“ Set. Usually exercises that involve twisting, turning, screwing, spiraling, curving, wiggling, undulating, spinning, sinking down and rising up, swimming, circling, swinging, or twining movements are associated with serpents or dragons. “Six Dragons” exercises can be seen as the Qi Gong of Bagua Zhang. The exercises will prepare and set up the body for the strong demands of Bagua practice, will affect the ligaments and tendons as well as all the soft tissues of the body including the inner organs, and finally, after times of dedicated practice, lead to what is known in Bag Zhang as „The Dragon Body“.

Many dragon’s routines and sets are also included in Bagua Zhang. The variety of movements (circling, stretching and twisting of the tissues) will help increase the elasticity of the body, its ligaments and tendons. The body’s elasticity in turn significantly increases the range of motion in the joints, spine and internal organs. The practice will also help to develop in you the ability to flow smoothly, to find orientation in change and adapt to change. All this makes these exercises ideal for everyone of us, especially under the demands of today’s times.

Overall the “Six Dragons” have a great expression of beauty, can be combined with each other and will then fuse into a wonderful form. On top they are very effective and powerful if applied and used as martial applications.

The retreat is open for everybody, beginners or advanced. We will work on areas that are new and full of learning experiences for all of us.

Our film from the Bagua Circle Walking spring retreat 2022:

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The Venue

The Seminar-Center is located in the south of Warsaw, 1,5 hours of drive. A shuttle service is provided from Warsaw Chopin Airport. The house is surrounded by a beautiful forest, a lake can be reached within a few steps. The practice hall is very spacious and bright and has direct access to the park where training on natural as well as stone ground is possible. Guests are accommodated in 2-bedrooms with shower and WC. Single rooms can be booked according to availability.

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We start on Saturday, July 27th, 2024, around dinner time. A shuttle will leave Warsaw airport around 3 pm (according to flight arrivals). The retreat ends on Friday morning, August 2nd, 2024. The shuttle reaches the airport around 1.30 pm.

There will be 7 hours of practice daily (lectures and exercises), held in English, with professional translation into Polish (German translation if required).

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(Food, Lodging and Classes)
2-bed room – shower/WCCHF 770* / 710 Euros*
Single in 2-bedroom (only if available!)CHF 840* / 770 Euros*

*Alle Preise verstehen sich zuzüglich 8,1% MwSt. Der Transfer ist nicht im Preis inbegriffen. 

Price does not include camp insurance. Participants are asked to self-insure from accidents.

Advance payment: CHF 200.-
Due to the limited number of places, your advance payment secures your place.

The Summer Retreat is fully booked!
If you would like to join, sign up for the reserve list.

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