yang sheng - to nourish life

CROATIA 7.10.2023 – 13.10.2023

We invite you to the Croatia Autumn Retreat "Yang Sheng - To nourish life" - a training and recreation workshop addressed to everyone - both laymen and enthusiasts of Eastern Healing Arts.

The autumn is the best time to strengthen immunity, harvest for the winter period and take care of your external and internal beauty. We will prolong the Summer and sunny period of the year before moving into the more dark and cold energy of the winter to come. For these reasons the retreat takes place at Crevna Luka Resort directly at the mediterranean sea. A landscape with mesmerizing colors - the crystal blue and emerald green of the sea, the stunning yellow of the sun-bathed sandy beach, the deep green of the Mediterranean pines and the pure white of the Dalmatian stone. The air is ionized, full of minerals, fresh and clean. At this time of the year the location is also conducive to calming down, regenerating and strengthening the body and spirit.

“Yang Sheng” is a practical science. It researches the basics of human health, strengthens the physique, prevents diseases, prolongs life and teaches people to cultivate their health.

During the retreat we will focus on getting to know practical healing tools to look for our health and wellbeing as well as practicing Qi Gong, Taijiquan and Meditation.

There will be a lot of time to enjoy the beautiful landscape, bath in the adriatic sea or simply rest and recreate.

Next to the daily Morning Exercise/Meditation routine the program will offer 2 main courses.

  • “Cloudhands - Five Directions Form” Qi Gong and Taijiquan run by Ron Timm
  • “Be your own Doctor” Oriental Medicine and Japanese moxa therapy run by Sebastian Zieliński

Our film from the Bagua Circle Walking spring retreat 2023:

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The courses

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Within the teaching method of Path of Dao, Cloudhands are the continuation of Qi Gong into the more advanced practice of Taijiquan.

Cloudhand-Forms are the first forms learned in Taijiquan and will build the ground stone for any other Taiji Form.

Based on the Qi Gong principles of how to circulate Qi, blood and fluids through the body, we will learn one of Taijiquans basic motions “Hands move like clouds”. Generally, the practice of “Hands moving like clouds” harmonizes the interplay of the right and left hemisphere, works the back in a gentle way, opens the hips and has a soothing effect on the nervous system.

We will look deeper into the meaning of the motions of the first Cloudhand, explore its different qualities of Qi (Yin and Yang / rising and sinking / expanding and retracting / opening and closing), work with them and become aware of their effect on our health and wellbeing.

At first, we will start practicing in parallel standing, then apply other stances, finally adding steps as we progress.

Introducing the steps to our Cloudhands routine brings more power from the lower periphery (legs) to the upper periphery (arms). This will boost the effects and make the exercise more holistic and complete.

From here on, we will implement the Cloudhands into a small form called “5 Directions Form”. It’s a simple but beautiful pattern of moving through the 5 cardinal directions according to the 5 elements (water, fire, metal, tree, earth) and the 5 steps (advance, retreat, look to the right, gaze to the left, central equilibrium) of Taijiquan.

Whenever possible we will work outside, connecting with the environment and the harmonious Qi of nature, being exposed to fresh air and natural light in our practice.

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A basic course, addressed to all people interested in natural and safe ways to support their health. We invite both therapists who want to enrich their skills and people who want to take care of their own and/or their family's health. The workshop program will be 70% practice, 30% theory. You will learn japanese moxa therapy “O-kyu” - “Fire of life”, historical background of moxa in China, Korea and Japan, basics of Chinese and Japanese medicine in practice, practical use of moxa in common ailments.

The course program includes moxa therapy techniques that you can easily, safely and effectively use to treat the most common ailments.

During the classes of Oriental Medicine you will have lectures on nutrition, lifestyle and the basics of Eastern medicine.

According to eastern medical science, the moxa therapy treatment:

  • improves the circulation of Qi energy (life energy)
  • relieves pain
  • reduces the feeling of cold
  • increases the strength of the whole body
  • has a regenerating effect
  • strengthens self-healing processes
  • strengthens immunity (moxa has been successfully used in covid-19 therapy in China) as well as in post-covid problems
  • prolongs life, slows down aging
  • brings out beauty!!!

Many intensive studies have been conducted around the world related to the effectiveness of Moxa.

This retreat is created in collaboration with Sebastian Zieliński from Warsaw. Sebastian is a doctor of Chinese medicine and extremely well versed in his field. For several years we have maintained an intensive and enriching exchange of perspectives, experiences and insights concerning traditional Eastern knowledge.

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We start our week on Saturday evening with dinner and an evening introduction practice. The following days will be structured as follows:

7.00 – 8.30 Morning practice
8.30 Breakfast
10.30 – 12.30 Practice/Lecture
12.30 Lunch
19.30 – 20.30 Evening Practice

With 4,5 hours of daily practice we have the opportunity for intense learning and practicing. During free time in the afternoon, enjoying the beautiful sea as well as the surroundings will of course be possible during this week. 

We will close the week on Friday after a morning closure practice and a common breakfast.

There are no prerequisites for participation. People who already have learned Cloudhands will definitely deepen their practice. Newcomers will learn the contents from scratch and can of course profit from more advanced students. 

Practice and lectures will be conducted in English. Polish or German translation can be provided if needed. Please let us know.

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Crvena Luka Resort ****

Mediterranean oasis in a bay with a sandy beach

The Crvena Luka resort stands out above all for the mesmerizing colors and sensations it evokes in guests. Despite the resort's intriguing name meaning "Red Harbor", the colors that truly define the experience of staying here are the crystal blue and emerald green of the sea, the stunning yellow of the sun-bathed sandy beach, the deep green of the Mediterranean pines and the pure white of the Dalmatian stone, all complemented and enhanced by the resort's modern design and impeccable service. The natural beauty of nature blends perfectly with the stylish atmosphere near the royal town of Biograd na Moru, with the Nature Park of Lake Vransko inland and the magnificent panoramic views of the unique Kornati archipelago, which offers one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic coast.

Crvena Luka resort also offers plenty of sports and recreational facilities for the whole family. There are tennis courts with a clay surface, a fitness center, a multi-purpose sports field for soccer and basketball, various outdoor exercise facilities, bicycles for rent and a water sports center. In the immediate vicinity of the resort you can easily find additional activities, such as a horseback trip to Lake Vransko or an exciting adrenaline adventure in the Adventure Park, where you can test your paintball skills, have fun on the zip-line or go on an off-road quad safari.

During the camp we will practice inside the resort in the 100m2 conference room and outside in the peaceful and secluded green areas.

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(Classes, accomodation with 2 meals and VAT included)*

Hotel rooms (check out)

Double room:€1030 per person
Single room€1210 per person

Apartments (check out)

For 2 people€1180 per person
For 3 people€1090 per person

* Retreat price does not include insurance, flights and bus from the airport. Participants are asked to self-insure from accidents.

The number of places is limited.
To register, please fill out the form and transfer an advance payment of 30% of the total amount. First priority is determined by the order of payments.

Bus from the airport
A shuttle bus will be organized from the nearby Zadar airport. The price will depend on the number of participants.

If you would like to come with your loved one, family, children as an accompanying person, you are very welcome as the venue is ideal for family holidays. It is also possible to rent bigger apartments. For exact prices for people not participating in classes, please contact us!

Feel invited!

If you have any questions: info@path-of-dao-qigong.ch