individual training

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Individual packages can be booked on demand. Be it Qi Gong basics, questions concerning training contents or specific topics, stillness practice/meditation or weapon training, we are glad to create a program that fits your needs and possibilities.

We are flexible in space and time. Private lessons or group work in a rhythm and intensity that suits you or even an intense practice week in a place of your choice – just get in touch!

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Ron offers treatments based on Nei Gong (inner work), Zifa Gong (spontaneous Qi Gong), Katsugen Undo (Practice of regenerating movements) and Seiki Soho (Practice of ordering Qi).

The treatments will help you to (better) perceive the qi flow in the body, to (re)gain access to the inner dynamics of your body and to relax less responsive or blocked structures in order to reconnect them to the big flow of qi. 

The body softens and becomes more permeable, the breath deepens, trauma, blocked emotions and thoughts can be released, which creates inner space. 

This might be more a spiritual practice than actual body therapy. During a treatment, body structures are initiated, relaxed and set in motion through touch, with the same clarity, simplicity and effectivity that characterizes the teaching in all our methods. As a complement to the Qi Gong practice, the work with touching hands is able to heal and create consciousness in another way – your Qi Gong practice as well as your daily life will gain deepness.

Get in touch if you are interested or if you have any questions

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What else do we offer?

The inner is foundation of the outer the still is master of the restless

– Dao de Jing 26 –

Regular Qigong and Tai Chi courses in Bern, Switzerland and in Warszaw, Poland

Regular Classes

With our regular courses it is important to us to be able to offer constancy in learning, growing and dealing with various things. The focus for us is on the learning path, the accompaniment of your practice by a teacher, as well as joint progress in the group of learners. We offer advanced and in-depth lessons in Qi Gong, Taijiquan, weapon practice and meditation, each over a period of one year, for all levels (beginners to advanced).

Gruppe von Menschen, die Tai Chi auf einem Qigong-Retreat in Polen praktizieren


Our retreats offer the most intensive form of learning, as we are retracting for one week, in a group of dedicated people, to dive into a specific subject. As an experience of learning without outer distraction, embedded in a setting of regular daily structure and intense practice, of exchange with the group and devoted reflection upon learning contents, our retreats since years have become a constant part of our path, always offering an unforgettable and intense experience to students.

Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation - Group Workshop Practice in Bern (Switzerland), Warsaw and Gdansk (Poland)


For two days you have the possibility to give yourself to intense learning and experiencing of a specific topic, to get insight in our way and proceeding or to go deeper into an already well-known subject. The workshops are open for everybody (beginner and advanced). We offer Workshops in Switzerland, in Germany as well as in Warsaw (Poland).