the six dragons exercise

Warsaw22-23 June, 2024

The dragon is a symbol of transformation and change. Dragons can change their shape, size, personality and location. The dragon's body concentrates energy in its curvy shape and twists in and out to move faster.

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Workshop description

The dragon can lurk in the depths of the water, then shoot up to the highest heights of the sky as fast as an arrow, in constantly undulating and meandering movements. It can change, its form is never clearly defined, it can never be grasped and understood. The “Six Dragons Exercises” are of this kind.

Usually, practices that involve twisting, spiraling, bending, waving, wriggling, sinking and rising, swimming, circling, swinging or writhing movements are associated with and referred to as snakes or dragons.

The „Six Dragons Exercise“ can also be understood as the Qi Gong routine of Bagua Zhang. The exercises prepare the body for the Bagua practice, acting on ligaments and tendons as well as fascia and internal organs. In this way, the soft, spiral and dynamic flexibility that makes up the so-called „Dragon Body“ is developed.

Practicing increases the ability to „flow“ coherently and continuously, to orient and adapt within change and transformation. All of this not only builds a great basis for our bagua practice, but also for our everyday life, especially in today’s very demanding, unsteady and changeable times.

Furthermore, the “Six Dragons Exercises” have an impressive beauty, can be combined in many different ways and are very efficient and effective in their applications within the martial arts.

The workshop is open to all levels. No previous experience in this practice is necessary.

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Warsaw, Twarda 42 (former Oddaj Ciężar studio)

DATE/TIME: 22-23 June 2024, 9:00-16:30 During the workshop there will be a 2-hour lunch break (on your own).

Organizational contribution: 750 zł
Early bird: 650 zł (before 7.06.2024)