waking of the spine


On this workshop day we will do a wonderful set of three powerful Qigong exercises by the name “The waking of the spine”.

First exercise of this set is the “foot cradle”, a wonderful treat to our feet, making them more alive, strong, defined and agile. From the feet the exercise extends further to the whole body. As we looked at it in depth just at the past retreat, we will cover this exercise again as it is a good link to what we have already done and the beginning and perfect start for the whole set.

Second exercise is “waking the spine”. This one will be done in two variations: one to loosen up all the structures involved, especially hip, pelvic girdle, lower back, spine and shoulder girdle, the other one to guide and lead Qi through the spine and all involved structures as well as to connect the center with the periphery and vice versa. Third and final exercise is “Nourishing the Qi (in the lower Dantien)”. Here we fill up the energy of the first Dantien, cultivate and deepen its connection with the earth, from where it will be nourished. All the exercises are easy to learn, but nevertheless have a deep effect, especially by improving the strength of the spine and the legs.

Feel Invited!

DATE: 26.06.2021

This workshop has already taken place. If you are interested in future workshops on this topic, please contact us: