our mission

"The greatest virtue is like water; it is good to all things. It attains the most inaccessible places without striving. Therefore it is like Dao."

– Dao de Jing 8 –

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In times of constant growing complexity of our life, in times of high technology, stress and global burnout, of losing connection to ourselves, of excess demands and claims, disturbed day and night rhythms as well as time issues we are deeply in need of stillness and stability.

It is of great importance to find methods and ways to allow and help us finding and connecting to ourselves in inner stillness. All offers, methods and practices of Path of Dao are aiming exactly there.

They persist since thousands of years in the knowledge and wisdom of the Daoist tradition, were passed on and given to us. In our practice we aim to reconnect, to follow what is natural and thus being able to fulfill the potential of human existence.

We practice the waterway, which means, foundation of our learning and progressing is ongoing, continuous practice, conscious feeling, awareness, continuity, transformation and change instead of growth.