Qi Gong Springretreat: Bagua Circle Walking, Daoist Meditation

Ort: Polen


This retreat will be dedicated to the practice of Bagua Circle Walking and Daoist Meditation.

Circle Walking Meditation is a dynamic way to quiet a busy mind, a way to calm the negative affects of extreme emotions, and a way to restore a scattered spirit back into an integrated whole. The practice simultaneously builds internal power, aerobic fitness, physical strength and nimble footwork, through the use of continuous movement.

Based on the spiritual principles of the ancient Daoists („mystic scientists” who follow the Natural Way and Truth of the Universe), the core of the Circle Walking meditation practices teaches to „seek stillness within movement.” By continuously stepping in circular patterns and going at varying speeds, one can train the body/mind to find a still point inside where everything feels centered, balanced and effortless.

To prepare and set up for our circle walking practice we will work with some of the “Six Dragon Exercises”, learn to differentiate between a 2-step and a 4-step-change to then apply the 6 dragon exercises to the change of the walking direction in the circle. Snake foot/snake hand exercises as well as rou shou (rolling hands) will also be taught in application.

Furthermore we will deepen and extend our understanding of Baguas “Ding Xi” (Power Positions) by repeating the known and learning new positions. These holds open certain energetic links according to the inherent spiral nature of the body, so that the body opens up more and becomes strong and connected.

Our ability to find inner order, stillness and peace will not only be improved through Circle Walking, but also by deepening our experience of healing, understanding and reconciliation based on Daoist meditation.

The retreat is open for everybody, beginners or advanced. We will work on areas that are new and full of learning experiences for all us.

The venue

The Seminar-Center is located in the south of Warsaw, 1,5 hours of drive. A shuttle service is provided from Warsaw Chopin Airport. The house is surrounded by a beautiful forest, a lake can be reached within a few steps. The practice hall is very spacious and bright and has a direct access to the park where training on natural as well as stone ground is possible. Guests are accommodated in 2-bedrooms with shower and WC.


We start on Sunday 22nd of March around dinner time. A shuttle will leave Warsaw airport around 3 pm (according to flight arrivals). The retreat ends on Saturday morning 28th of March, the shuttle reaches the airport around 1.30 pm.

There will be 7 hours of practice daily (lectures and exercises), held in English, with professional translation into Polish (German translation if required).

Price for the retreat (food, lodging and classes)

2-bed room with shower/WC 770 CHF
single in 2-bedroom with shower/WC (only if available!) 840 CHF

Price does not include camp insurance. Participants are asked to self-insure from accidents.

Advance payment: CHF 200.

Due to limited number of places making a reservation via email and an advance payment is decisive.

Infos and inscription

Inscription form

Further information: info@path-of-dao-qigong.ch

Feel invited!