cultivation of stillness - qi gong and meditation

POLAND28.12.2024 – 3.01.2025

The relation between Meditation and Qi Gong has always been very tight. One of the sources about Qi Gongs origins describes Bodhidharma, the first Zen Patriarch, as the founder of Qi Gong.

The still and inner quality of Qi Gong is an ideal base for a deep and powerful meditation.

In times of constant growing complexity of our life, in times of high technology, stress and global burnout, of losing connection to ourselves, of excess demands and claims, disturbed day and night rhythms as well as time issues we are deeply in need of stillness and stability. 

It is of great importance to find methods and ways to allow and help us finding and connecting to ourselves in inner stillness. In all cultures and times there have been and are meditation exercises which are deep inner processes of regulation and transformation of our being and our consciousness. These practices, as they are not visible from the outside and difficult to understand on a logical linguistic and intellectual level are rarely taught in the right way or are lost completely. Practical guidance and methodology are lacking. The Daoist meditation practice however, being deeply embedded in Qi Gong with its knowledge about qualities and dynamics of Qi offers students concrete instruments, experiences and tools.

In this retreat we will take time to build an understanding of the inner work and to achieve skills that help us on our way to conscious being. The time of the year is excellent for reflective insight work as in winter the energy retreats deep into the roots and is suspended in stillness where it is waiting to sprout.

We will practice meditation in sitting, standing, walking and in interaction, which makes it easier to integrate felt and learned contents into everyday life.

The practice during this week will always consider needs and possibilities of the participants. Therefore, sitting meditation for example can be practiced on chairs as sitting on the floor is tiring for many people and not necessarily needed for the quality of the inner work. Moreover, we will practice in short sequences, led again by the quality and not by the duration of the inner practice.

No prerequisites are needed and we address especially people who feel they would like to start their way into the still methods and practices.

See our film from the New Year's Meditation Retreat 2022:

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The Venue

The Seminar-Center is located in the south of Warsaw, 1,5 hours of drive. A shuttle service is provided from Warsaw Chopin Airport. The house is surrounded by a beautiful forest, a lake can be reached within a few steps. The practice hall is very spacious and bright and has direct access to the park where training on natural as well as stone ground is possible. Guests are accommodated in 2-bedrooms with shower and WC. Single rooms can be booked according to availability.

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We start on Saturday, 28th of December 2023 around dinner time. A shuttle will leave Warsaw airport around 3 pm (according to flight arrivals). The retreat ends on Friday morning, 4th of January 2024. The shuttle reaches the airport around 1.30 pm.

There will be 7 hours of practice daily (lectures and exercises), held in English, with professional translation into Polish (German translation if required).

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(Food, Lodging and Classes)
2-bed room – shower/WCCHF 770* / 770 Euros*
Single in 2-bedroom (only if available!)CHF 840* / 840 Euros*

*Alle Preise verstehen sich zuzüglich 8,1% MwSt. Der Transfer ist nicht im Preis inbegriffen. 

Price does not include camp insurance. Participants are asked to self-insure from accidents.

Advance payment: CHF/Euros 200.-
Due to the limited number of places, your advance payment secures your place.

Feel invited!